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We love to be with the  youth!

One of the main focuses of the Restore team is work among youth.

We have many youth in our After School projects, but we also run 4 youth groups in 4 different villages. Through these groups we want to build relationships with the youth on a more personal level than what we can do in a school setting. We have fun with them and they love to sing together. Most importantly, we want to introduce them to what a relationship with God can look like. Some of our youth know a lot about God, who he is and his love, but many don't. We believe for and long to see many of these teenagers encounter Gods love and for them to start a new life with Jesus.

During this fall we have had a lot going on in our youth groups. Every week we meet with the youth from Copsa Mare, Saros, Nemsa and Seleus. in addition to the normal week to week program we have taken som of our groups for special trips and weekends.

In August Sarah and Bjørn-Richard took 6 of the youth for a trip to Constanta. For most of these youth this was the furthest away from home they had ever been before, and so many things were new; the occean, the mountains, the apartment block we were staying in and fajitas.

During the week the boys got to serve in an orphanage. They did sports and face painting with the children living there, and one day they got to hand out a pair of trainers and pizza. One day they also helped out in a garden in a poorer neighborhood in the city.

The boys really enjoyed the beach (even though it was the first time in salt water) and all the football we played. Every day we read a bible passage with them, and it was very interesting to discuss with them afterwards. We pray that these youth will grow in knowing God and his word.

The youth from Seleus also went on a day trip to the mountains. It was a lot of fun to see them running around exploring a kind of nature they had never seen before. These kinds of trips are great opportunities to get to know the youth better and to build friendships. They love being in the cars, singing and laughing together.

Early November the Nemsa youth got to have a special weekend in Copsa Mare. Manu, Sarah and Bjørn-Richard stayed with them in our ministry house there. On friday we had youth group with the groups from Copsa and Nemsa together, with pizza, games and a devotion. During the rest of the weekend we went for a walk, played games, went to church, watched movies and talked about God with them. These youth have a lot of potential, and we can tell that some of them really want to live for God, so we are exited to see what the future will hold for them.

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