Zoo trip with the teenagers from Seleus

It was with great expectations that the teenagers from Seleus gathered up early in the morning to go to the zoo in Targu Mures.

For many of them this would be the furthest away from home they had ever been, and seeing animals from all over the world could prove to be a once in a lifetime for them.

The one hour drive from Seleus to Targu Mures was a great start, with (too??) loud music in the car, the wind blowing in their faces and good conversations. The leaders were amazed that only one person got sick, so everyone were really happy.

When they walked from the parking lot to the zoo, there where card board animals that the youth enjoyed to take pictures with, and when they had passed all of them, one of the teenagers thanked the leader so much for taking him too the zoo and said it had been great! He was really exited when the leaders told him they had actually not even entered the zoo yet!

In the zoo they had a great time together, really enjoying the exotic animals, and also from time to time starting a snowball fight. One of the highlights was when one of the bears rose up on two feet and scratched its back to a tree and another one the big elephant. After having seen snakes, various bird, tigers, lions, kangaroos and many other animals, they sat down for pizza outside the zoo and then drove back together. everyone agreed that it had been a great day at the zoo. 

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